Goldsmith Schiffman Elementary School


Year Completed: 2010

Project Location: Huntsville, AL

Project Size: 123,000 Sqft New Construction

Construction Cost: $16,200,000

Chapman Sisson Architects was selected by the Huntsville City Board of Education to design a new elementary school for the fast growing Big Cove area in southeast Huntsville.   
Designed for a student capacity of 800, the school contains 44 classrooms, and a unique cafeteria which is themed around a park lodge. The kitchen supporting the dining space was developed in close collaboration with Huntsville City Schools food service management, who has described it as one of the most functional in the district.  
The exterior of the building incorporates many exposed heavy timber elements along with an ample use of stone and earth colored brick so that it has an appearance of growing from the site. 

The project, which was $1.8 million under budget, won the 2011 Top Block Award from the Alabama Concrete Industries Association.

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