How Do We Best Serve Our Clients?


CSA’s objective is to help you find ways to turn your ideas into built reality. No project or vision is too big or too small.  We are dedicated to listening to our clients' wants & needs, developing a thorough understanding of your project’s requirements through diligent research, & designing solutions based on experience, teamwork, & innovation.

What Do We Do?


The goal of our services is to meet the needs of our client. This typically includes full service architectural and interior design with a compliment of engineering disciplines. We provide land planning, master planning, programming and pre-design services as well as graphic design. If a particular project needs additional expertise, we can assemble a team to meet any project requirement.

What We've Done


Creative design always includes fully understanding the needs of the project and goals of our client. We listen carefully to what the client says at every step of the process rather than assume a particular project will be similar to a past project or building type. This is another way we adapt our firm to the project rather than force a project to adjust to how we work. Our understanding of the project is developed more fully as we present design solutions for evaluation. We seek to know why the owner likes or dislikes a particular scheme or detail, not just "Which one do you like best?"


Creative design also must fit within the fabric of the site. A solution must complement the whole of a particular area in addition to the design of one part. The adjustment to context includes code and zoning compliance and meeting the requirements of regulatory authorities. Creative design is usually an iterative process where we "test the envelope" of design solutions. Often an approach not immediately apparent becomes embraced as the owner realizes the potential of their project.

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