• What will my solution look like?


Schematic Design starts with focused conversations about the objectives & limitations of the built solution.  By incorporating the determined program & primary goals, CSA can synthesize the fundamental components & spaces into a comprehensive design.


This phase typically determines the general layout & form that the design will take.  During this phase, we typically use a combination of hand sketching & 3D modeling to give clients a realistic preview of how their vision is taking shape.​

  • How are we going to make this idea work?


During Design Development, CSA has already determined a clear target, & will dive into extensive exploration of mechanisms by which the design is can be realized. Typically in this phase, thorough building code & regulatory requirement reviews are conducted, along with coordination between all of the necessary technical consultants, such as electrical, mechanical, & structural engineers.


When this phase is complete, CSA can provide clients with a more detailed picture of not only what the building will look like, but how it will function.  It’s during this phase where important questions such as “What type of glass should we use?”, “How is water kept out of the building?”, & “Can the structure support a future second floor?” are answered.​

  • How are all of these decisions communicated?


Now the time has come to put what we have learned about your needs & vision into a set of Construction Documents.  These documents will include a detailed set of specifications that will enable a general contractor to build your facility. 


This phase of work is the most labor intensive, & this time allows CSA to perform a series of quality control checks to ensure our drawings are complete & easy to understand.  During this phase the final cost estimate is determined, to ensure that the project will remain within your budget.

  • How does a contractor put a cost to our vision?


Once the drawings are in the hands of prospective bidding contractors, you’ve entered the Bid/Contract Negotiation phase.  CSA will field questions that come up related to the project & associated documents, & manage any changes that occur, continuously making sure that your goals are conveyed accurately to the contractor so the best price can be obtained when the project is bid.


CSA recognizes that every building is unique, & essentially a “prototype”, never constructed before, & we will expertly handle the coordination that is necessary to ensure that all parties involved are always on the same page & working in the best interests of you, the client.

Interior Design


  • What will the interior of my space be like? 

CSA offers full service interior design, integrated throughout the entire architectural process.  Our collaborative approach ensures that the interior of your space is seamlessly incorporated with your building’s exterior.  CSA’s experienced interior design team will learn about your wants & needs on a detailed level, making sure that the interior of your space accurately reflects your company’s identity, & meets your needs for function, cost, & aesthetics.


Space planning & finish packages are just the beginning - we can also assist with furniture specifications, artwork selection, wayfinding, environmental graphics, window treatments, & more.  Additionally, CSA’s interior design department can provide standalone interior design services for clients who choose to work with other firms, or clients who don’t need full architectural services. 

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