Master Planning


  • How do I know how much to build, & will it accommodate my needs in the future?

CSA can help to identify the best solutions through in-depth site analysis & feasibility studies. During this process, CSA will guide you through a large-scale exploration of your ideas & the existing environment to help define the physical & financial aspects of your project.


At the conclusion, clients will be able to identify a clear path toward their long-term goals for their facility, & identify the necessary steps to take toward achieving them.


  • How much space do I need? 

  • How should my space be arranged? 

  • How much will this cost?


With CSA’s many years of experience, & collaborative team approach, we help our clients navigate through these decisions with confidence.  Our architectural & interior design team will thoroughly examine your proposed functions & desires, & recommend ways to incorporate them into your project. 


CSA can also help you determine an estimated budget for your project, based on data we’ve gathered from years of experience on projects of similar types & scopes.  Our thorough programming process will help you utilize your resources & plan your space more efficiently.

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