Construction Administration


  • Who makes sure I am getting what we agreed to?


When the Construction Administration process starts, you will have a separate contract with the general contractor.  This ensures that CSA will remain working only for you, & will act as your advocate.  As design professionals, it is our responsibility to ensure that the vision you have worked with us to create, is implemented properly & to your satisfaction.  CSA will work with your contractor during this time through a series of checks & balances known as “submittal review”. This review system allows us to make sure that all materials & products that the contractor will be using to build your building comply with the intent of the drawings & specifications.  Additionally, we will visit your construction site regularly, monitor the work in-progress, & verify that the amount of work that is done corresponds to how much you’re being charged.  Through our site visits, we are also able to answer questions as they occur & assist with coordination, preventing potential issues that can occur in the field.

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