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Huntsville Hospital Women's and Children's - Pediatric Unit

Year Completed: 2023
Project Size: 17,000 Sqft

The HH Women's and Children's Hospital is continuously working on improving its care and facilities to better serve their patients. The Pediatric Unit, located on the 4th floor, serves patients ranging in ages 0-18 who are often staying for several nights at a time. The previous interior spaces were outdated and dull, and hospital leadership saw the value in providing a more contemporary, colorful space that would ultimately have an impact on their patients' healing, and on the family members' trust in the service that was being provided.

Tasked with creating an “Under the Sea" theme that kept durability and functionality in mind, the design team created a space that would provide a positive first impression when arriving off the elevators. The curved nurse station serves as a welcome station for the floor and is centrally located for staff convenience. Materials like textured 3-form panels, custom graphic wallcoverings, and colorful curved rubber flooring, all contributed to the subtle ocean concept for the space. Two rooms were converted from storage to Child-Life Playrooms to give children an option to leave their rooms and have an interactive space. Beyond the nurse station, materials and patterns were simpler to ensure durability and stay within the allotted budget. In order to continue patient care during construction, the design and construction team was tasked with completing the work in 4 phases. Patients and staff continued to utilize the floor while construction was underway.

Made possible by Hometown Lenders and in honor of Mary Lee Taylor, the new Pediatric Unit is a space that will have a positive impact on the patients, staff, and family members during a critical time in their lives. This new space further conveys the hospital's vision to be the choice for care and careers in the communities they serve and will be a reflection of their service to patients for years to come.

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