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Year Completed: 2021

Avilution is an avionics software startup company that is totally re-inventing the aircraft control panel into a seamless electronic interface. Gone will be the multitude of gauges and switches found in aircraft for generations, and in its place will be a single screen displaying the most important flight data and performance information.

Located at the Huntsville International Airport, Avilution wanted a building that not only housed their research offices and hangar, but a building that expressed their mission of developing innovative and modern software solutions. A large part of the building is an aircraft hangar which houses three aircraft, one of which is used as a flying test-bed for the development of their products. Working from the necessity to use a metal building for the large-span hangar portion of the building, the design team set out to explore how this building type could be used in a way that was expressive and new.

Before and After

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