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Blossomwood Elementary

Year Completed: 2012
Project Size: 122,000 Sqft

For over 50 years, the Blossomwood Elementary School was truly a neighborhood school. Situated on a challenging suburban site of only 12 acres (1/3 the size typically required). The small school building could not keep up with modern demands. Chapman Sisson Architects was awarded the challenge of designing a replacement school on the same site. The replacement facility which would more than double the student capacity of the existing facility, increase parking, add a full size gymnasium, and provide queuing space for 42 vehicles. All of these challenges were met in a much larger building, while maintaining the qualities that the tight-knit community loved about the old school. The architectural character blends well with the existing homes in the neighborhood. At the same time it creates an iconic image for the students and faculty to call their own.

Before and After

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