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Huntsville / Madison County Veteran's Memorial

Year Completed: 2012
Project Size: 23,000 Sqft

The Madison County Veteran's Memorial has been carefully designed to honor the courage, sacrifice and duty of the veterans of Madison County, Alabama. Sacred geometry is used to organize and enhance the sense of place created at this important site. The design consists of an elevated, circular fountain, which represents the blood spilled from Madison County veterans, gently falls over a continuous weir wall which is punctuated by eight, polished, black granite markers. Each of the markers represents a major military conflict.

The immediate space around each marker is carefully designed to create an intimate place of reflection. Each granite marker has an engraved description of the conflict to educate future generations. The names of Madison County veterans lost in that conflict are engraved below the description in a manner that allows family members and friends to touch and produce a "rubbing" of the name similar to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington. As a visitor stands at the granite marker, facing their own reflection, water will fall over the weir on each side.

The granite markers are arranged along a timeline to accurately teach the United States' involvement in military conflicts around the world. Granite inlays, located axially along the sidewalk in front of the weir, display sentinel quotations relating to conflict, war and humanity. Flags are located at significant axes of the memorials design. The US flag is located centrally on axis with the Freedom Fountain. The State of Alabama and POW-MIA flags are on axis with portals allowing access to the grounds north of the memorial. The flags of the five services of our military surround the timeline. Significant bronze sculptures are located at each end of the memorial, framing a prominent view of the site and giving immediate identification of this site as a veteran's memorial. The sculptures, which are designed and produced by Dan Burch, a Madison County sculptor, depict "Courage and Sacrifice."

Before and After

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