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Madison County Elementary

Year Completed: 2014
Project Size: 48,000 Sqft

The existing campus of Madison County Elementary School presented several unique challenges, including preserving a historical 1936 school building and existing gym, significant grade elevation changes, and several existing buildings that would need to be demolished - all while maintaining the operation of facilities for the students during the 2013-2014 school year. The new building was required to connect to the historical building at the front of the site, and to the gym at the back of the site, where there was a 10 foot difference in finish floor elevation between the two spaces.

The new facility includes 26 classrooms, a dining hall, open courtyard, and enclosed corridors to both the existing historical building and existing gym. The exterior facade of the new building is designed to complement the historic building’s character. Site work included improved traffic flow, 212 parking spaces, and improved pedestrian walkways to the existing football field and concession stand.

Before and After

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