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Madison Medical Office Building

Year Completed: 2012
Project Size: 30,000 Sqft

After the new Madison Hospital’s completion, the demand for office space increased dramatically in the area. The Madison Medical Office Building was therefore planned to help satisfying that demand with a focus on both convenience and smart design.

Though on an adjacent parcel of land, the building is connected directly to the Hospital by a driveway and is close enough for pedestrians to visit each building. The building also has main access to Highway 72, making it easily accessible to residents.

The design of the building takes cues from the main hospital, with its articulation of glass and brick. The deep roof overhang with supporting brackets call attention to the main entry of the Hospital. The building contains 30,000 leasable square feet on three floors. Completion occurred in tandem with the Hospital, in February of 2012.

Before and After

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