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Northrop Grumman Vision Lab

Year Completed: 2022
Project Size: 10,300 Sqft

The Northrop Grumman Vision Lab is a multi-use facility, meant to be a venue where the latest in the company’s products could be showcased and presented to both the United States military and their contractors. Meant to be the “home base”, the Huntsville Vision Lab is connected virtually to several other similar NG locations throughout the country.

The jewel of the facility is an observation room where actual training missions could be carried out in real-time with warfighters stationed anywhere in the world. These operations can be viewed by visiting military leadership on an immense video wall with surround sound capability. The latest computer technology would be on display and operational within the room to give a complete overview of system operations.

Other notable spaces within the Vision Lab are a large teaching space, where new software can be learned, an executive conference room with full AV capabilities and a high security SCIF space.

All these spaces radiate from a central circular entry lobby, where guests can view each separate venue. Each space can become private, using electronic privacy glass.

Before and After

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