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University of Alabama in Huntsville - Intermodal Center

Year Completed: 2008
Project Size: 190,000 Sqft

The recent student growth at the University of Alabama, Huntsville has necessitated the planning and construction of a multi-level parking structure on its land-locked campus. The facility is approximately 300 ft long by 200 ft wide, and consists of ground level parking plus two elevated slabs housing approximately 500 cars each. The ground level provides a home for the campus police department and transit offices, which are enclosed by glass and masonry walls. The facility is also designed to accommodate the City of Huntsville public transportation system so special attention was given to loading and unloading bus passengers at the front of the building. Care was taken so buses and private cars were kept separate from each other for safety. Public access by pedestrians is welcoming and secure.

Nighttime security was improved by incorporating glass-enclosed stairwells located on the northeast, southeast and southwest corners of the building. Glass back elevators provide vertical circulation at the northeast and southwest corners. The building is constructed of a cast-in-place structure with a post tensioned slab. The exterior finishes are comprised of precast and brick panels to maintain the existing character of the campus. The primary face of the building has applied metal canopies and screens to provide protection for the public, while at the same time adding to its distinctive character.

Before and After

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