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Whitesburg Christian Academy

Year Completed: 2020
Project Size: 33,000 Sqft

Since their Upper School Building was completed in 2013, the Whitesburg Christian Academy has seen steady and dramatic growth across all grade levels. This fueled the goal to create another permanent classroom building on their campus. In January 2020, Whitesburg Christian Academy opened their Grammar School Building at the south end of the campus off Whitesburg Drive. The building provides 33,000 square feet of classrooms for grades first through sixth, a FEMA-rated storm shelter for the entire student body and administration space.

The north facade of the Grammar School Building, which faces the Upper School Building, is traditional in architectural style and design as well, creating a unified collegiate-style quad for the campus. The south facade is more modern, with a bright colored canopy at the two-story lobby, which features

Before and After

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